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White Pine & Cedar
Almond Biscuit 

A limited edition holiday candle combining our favorite holiday scents. The fragrance is spicy and unique yet familiar and festive. 

Our handmade glass is created in Murano, Italy by skilled craftsmen and our natural wax is hand-poured in Trento, Italy. Because each ESPELMA candle is handmade, slight variations in color and thickness will appear in the glass but this is precisely what gives each candle its special charm. 

Our holiday candle has a glossy pine green glass exterior and a light beige interior. 

We are currently sold out of Holiday candles! 

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es.pel.ma  ( fem. noun: candle, in Catalan )  

ESPELMA is a lifestyle brand founded by sisters - Claudia and Clara - from Barcelona, Spain. They are passionate about craftsmanship, design and long-lasting luxury. ESPELMA candles are meant to be everlasting decorative objects, as is the packaging they are presented in.

Our candles are unique because….


Our wax is a healthy blend of beeswax, coconut wax, rapeseed oil and soy wax. No paraffin wax is used in our candles.


Each of our candles are handmade in Murano, Italy by skilled artisans who make each piece uniquely by hand.


We believe in reusable luxury: once you burn through your original candle, you can always purchase wax refills to bring new life to your candle.


Our debut fragrances are inspired in our long summers spent at our grandmother's house near Barcelona.